Custom Fabricated Standing Seam Sheet Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing is a concealed fastener metal panel system that features vertical legs and a broad, flat area between the two legs. It has raised seams, or vertical legs, that rise above the level of the panel’s flat area. With standing seam systems, because the fastener is hidden it’s more impervious to leaks and damage.

One of the most significant selling points of standing seam metal roofing is the variety of choices and options for customers. These choices stretch far beyond just the color of the panel to include the length, width, profile, shape, thickness, and more.

At McManus Specialized Sheet Metal, because we fabricate everything in-house, we can customize your sheet metal order to your requirements. Roofing contractors and construction companies of all types look to MSSM for custom, high-quality sheet metal roofing with a fast turnaround. We can custom roll the right fit for your commercial or residential sheet metal roofing jobs.


Snap-lock profiles have specifically shaped edges that snap together, require no seaming during installation and are attached to the roof deck with a clip that fastens underneath the panel.

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Mechanical Lock

Mechanically seamed panels are roll-formed with specific edges that line up with each other. Once the two panels are engaged, a hand or mechanical seamer is used to bend the edges and lock the panels together.

See mechanical lock profiles

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    Standing seam roofs are available in several different types, with multiple methods of seaming and different metal used in manufacturing the roofing system.

    Snap Lock:

    The continuous standing seam metal roof design uses an integral seam. Each panel is designed to snap into place over the previous panel and then it is fastened with clips. No seam caps are required and this reduces the potential for any creeping of the seam. Continuous seam systems can be directly fastened to a solid substrate. The positive locking installation reduces labor in the field.

    Mechanical Lock:

    A standing seam metal roof system can be mechanically seamed in the field during installation. This system provides a variety of seam heights. Higher seams can add structural stability to the roofing system. Panels are installed with a fixed or sliding clip system. Sliding clips provide greater tolerance to temperature changes, as they slide during expansion and contraction. Mechanical seams done in the field also allow for curves using radius formation.

    McManus Specialized Sheet Metal, Inc. (MSSM) offers a complete line of Sheet Metal Roof Systems and related accessories to meet your needs whether your project is residential or commercial, solid substrate, or open framing. All of our panel profiles are tested to meet Miami Dade as well as minimum UL 90 approvals.

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    MSSM is your partner for sheet metal roof supplies & installations. Contact us to discuss your next metal roofing project. We promise you will be delighted with the superior quality product and outstanding service you will receive.